Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pool fun!

Just a little fun that the kids had in the pool earlier this week.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Travel Day (Wednesday)

It was a beautiful day! Too bad we were stuck in the van.

We saw ice along the road, but the roads were clear.

We saw rivers.

We saw a cross on a mountaintop!

We saw Noah's Ark (Not AIG's).

I love the way these trees caught the sunlight.

The kids!

Hubby & I!

The Sunset (behind us) made the hills glow!

The kids said it looked like these hills were on fire!

A beautiful pass cut through the mountains.

Ice on the mountain.

Wednesday was a 12 hour travel day!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Desk project

Hubby & I have caught the "building things" bug! Our latest project is new desk area for our living room/computer room. As you can see, we have Hubby's desk, the big one to the right. Then we have a hutch & 3 mismatched desks on the left. For some time, I have wanted to build in a desk/table to replace the stuff on the right.

So we build a desk. Here the kids are helping sand one of the desk parts.

It is a pretty simple design. 5 2x4s screwed together in a rectangle. Each desk part has 3 of these "legs". The top is a plywood piece that is 2x6.

We made 3 desk units. The one on the far right had to have about 2 ft. cut off in order to get it to fit.

After these desks sat in the living room for about 2 weeks, I finally had a nice day. We carried them to the garage where I sanded them. Then we turned them upside down. I painted the legs black to match Hubby's desk.

When the legs were dry, we turned them back upside right. Then I stained the tops & coated them with polycrylic. This took all took about 4 days. I love the way they turned out.

Today we carried them in & put them in place. They are a little darker than Hubby's desk but it makes that half of the room look more uniform. We still need to hook the 3 units together for extra stability.

Now we have a nice big table/desk for laptops, projects & school work. We even have room for extra laptops when we have StarCraft parties! Now to get the old desks moved to each of the kids' rooms & get the house put back in order.

I wonder what our next project will be??


Monday, January 13, 2014

Our big project!

So, after Christmas, Hubby decided to get our bedroom cleaned out & make it more of a sanctuary for me. When he did this, we talked about making a frame for our bed. I told him I'd like to have our bed higher as it would make it easier to get out of bed.

I found a simple bed plan online & modified it. Hubby bought wood yesterday & we started our project.

I spent over an hour sanding all the wood down.

Then we build the outside frame.

It was pretty late so we slept on our mattress on the floor.

This morning we drilled holes & bolted the posts to the frame.

Here's the frame with posts attached.

Next we put braces in. Don't look too closely at our spacing!

Next we put plywood on top after we cut out the corners for the posts.

Then I took batting & material (old sheet) and covered the edges of plywood so we wouldn't get splinters.

Here it is finished.

Next we put our box springs on.

Then our select comfort bed. Hubby had to check it out.

Here is the finished product.

It ended up taller than we thought it would be. We need to get a couple of boards to put on each end to keep the mattress from sliding. Hubby is also talking about building me steps to make it easier to get in & out of bed. But other than that, our project is done!



Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow pics - 1/5/14 (post 2)

More snow pics as well as pics of kids & Hubby shoveling the driveway! Enjoy!!!!

Hope you enjoyed our snow pics! We had to get out today & enjoy as the temps will be sub-zero for next couple of days!!