Saturday, February 21, 2015

GEC youth sledding/igloo making

Because roads were too bad to go snow tubing in southern Indiana, we headed to church for some fun! Enjoy the pics!



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Partial Christy Family Reunion

Once upon a time, a Hoosier girl ventured into foreign territory, Pennsylvania! Now doesn't that sound more exciting than a cousin from Indiana met up with her Pennsylvania cousins. Anyway, that's what happened today!

Enjoy some pics of us all hanging out & having fun! I think I got all the names right. Also, I can't believe that in all these pics, I didn't get one of Stephanie!

Jesse, Jordan, James, Chris, Rusty & Robert.
John, Carol & Dawn.

The first time David had met his 2nd cousin Dustin who is 6 month older than him.

David, Dustin, Jessica, Ashlee, Grace, Levi, Lebert & Aunt Connie.
Dustin, Jessica, Grace, Brantley, Ashlee, Levi, Aunt Connie & Lebert.
Chris, James, Rusty & Robert.
Jesse, Jordan, Chris, James & Rusty.
Rusty, Marilyn & Jeff.
Dawn, Patti, Jordan, Ashlee, Chris & Robert.
John, Carol & Dawn.
David, Dustin, Jamie & Jessica.
Dustin, David, Grace & Jessica.
Grace, Dustin, Jessica, James & David.
Marilyn, Sophie & Patti.
Jessica, Grace, David, James, Dustin, Elizabeth, Sophie, Jamie & Marilyn.
Patti, Lebert & Aunt Connie.
Aunt Connie, Lebert, John, Carol, Dawn & Ashlee.
Jordan, James, Robert, Jesse, Chris & Rusty.
The cousins: John, Robert, Chris, Lebert, Rusty & me! I'm the only girl cousin that was there today!

Cousins + Lebert's boys: Jordan, Robert, James, Chris, John, Lebert, Rusty, Jesse & me.

All of us with Aunt Connie!

Brothers: Chris, Lebert & Robert.

Marilyn, Rusty, Carol & John.

Our hosts: Lebert, Jesse, Patti, Jordan & James.

We had a great day! It was great to see cousins I haven't seen in years & to meet the families of my cousins! It was good to see Aunt Connie again. We need to do this more often!